Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Excitement Countdown

Somehow the full weight of exactly what will happen within the upcoming weeks hasn't hit me yet. All of my friends, family, and coworkers ask me whether I'm ready to go, and I'm not. I have yet to pack, settle things at work and at my apartment - essentially, I still need to check in my "Boston baggage". With each inquiring face, though, I feel the day coming closer... I know that only then, on the plane, I will finally realize it --

I'm going back to Taiwan!!!!!

My brother and I discussed our itinerary. He's jealous, but I feel nervousness more than any other emotion. My Chinese skills have deteriorated; my knowledge of Taiwanese politics is lacking. I fear I will meet some of the most important people in Taiwan, but unable to ask the questions I want. I fear I will waste the rarest of opportunities.

I'm armed with a package of information, with my Chinese dictionary, with my Chinese textbooks. I can see that my plane ride will be spent rekindling/learning all these qualities I lost or never had...I'm on a mission: cultural-identity pursuit. It's this one thing I have meant to develop all my life, but for one reason or another, couldn't find the time or the strength to do it. I'm thankful for this trip. There are more opportunities to be found than just the ones printed on the itinerary.

(Apologies for a serious entry. I'll be light-hearted soon enough!)

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