Sunday, November 26, 2006

Prep & Pack...

Okay.. thanksgiving dinner's over, family gather's done & out of the way. So now, it's time to prep for the big trip coming up.

I had picked out a few outfits last week, hung them all up in the corner of the rack designated as "trip clothe." Don't know if one suit is going to be enough though. According to the schedule, looks like a few days requiring "formal business wear." Think i'll have to pick out another one just to be safe.

Think i'm covered in the shoe department. Got some super cute Cole Haan patent leather baby heels about 3 weeks ago. Have been wearing them to work regularly to get them fitted properly. Since there will be TONS of walking in Taiwan, i made sure to get comfortable low heels that are still cute (quite the impossible feat!!). So those will be my "official trip shoes." But my running shoes and flip flops will also be along for the action.

Damn.. i think it's going to rain almost the entire time we'll be in Taipei... That convinced me to take my stretchy fabric boots out of the suitcase. Instead, i replaced them w/ the leather boots. Nothing worse than treadging the streets of Taipei w/ your feet soaked.

So now that i've got the difficult stuff figured out, it's on to pack the regular traveling pack: toothbrush, toothpaste, contact solution, etc.. Can't believe there's still that insane on-board restriction that keeps you from taking aboard regular sized lotions, contact solutions, etc!! How's anyone to survive a 14 hour flight w/o LARGE tubes of hand/face/body lotions?!?!? Now i gotta buy trial size versions < 3 oz, and cram them all into a quart size zip lock bag. Really!! We need to convince more women to diverse into various jobs/industries, starting w/ the TSA!!

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Iris said...

Dude, I brought like three suits ~