Wednesday, December 6, 2006

the Awesome Eight!!!

It's about half way through the tour, and i just have to say how absolutely AWESOME the group on the trip is!!!
Iris, Eva & i were worried about how people would get along, whether everyone would be participative & articulate in sessions with these high profile members of the Taiwanese political community. After having met & hung out w/ them for the past 3 days, i am thoroughly impressed :)

Our awesome eight consists of:
1) The deceptively young looking Ching who works for a DC think tank
2) Our blonde Taiwanes e"shen-boo" Megan
3) The always impeccably dressed & smiley Christine from Congresswoman Linda Sanchez's office
4) Our sole Canadian rep & the soon to be married Joyce
5) The energetic, extroverted Dr. Thomas
6) Our Nicolas Cage look alike, Tim
7) Our cute Caroline whose 1st story about her Chiayi to Koahsiung trip i'll forever remember
8) Of course, our long standing friend & YPG supporter, Nathan :)

Iris & i were just saying, despite the high level of effort & energy that's been required of us, we are SO HAPPY we decided to do this tour. We've now had the privilege to meet/get to better know 8 wonderful new friends!!



Mark said...

Don't forget awesome SCers in the eight!

bling said...

her name is actually spelled Kristine. She's TAP's awesome Community Service Chair as well. Looks like you guys had an awesome time.