Thursday, December 7, 2006

We're in the newspaper!

Wow, it's been an incredible trip. Today is Day 4 of the trip and it's beginning to wind down. To tell you the truth, it's kind of sad for me because this trip has been the culmination of 3 months of crazy hard work and planning! I honestly can't believe how this trip has come together and really happened!! We have a great group of people--dynamic, loud, funny and altogether just FUN :) We're lucky!

Well, today we found out that we managed to appear in the Liberty Times newspaper because of our visit with President Chen yesterday. It's exciting news for all of us! We were joking that Liberty Times must have had a spike in newspaper circulation today since we all went to the nearest convenience store to buy up many copies of the newspaper.

This morning we visited DPP HQ--my home last year when I was interning in Taiwan. We heard a presentation from the Survey Center about polling results. It's interesting to hear that DPP candidates are considered capable in more areas than KMT candidates . Unfortunately, because of party politics, elections end up being all about the party rather than the candidates. The funny thing is we heard about the NCCU polling results again. Everyone, including President Chen, has been quoting the study to show how more people believe they're Taiwanese and support independence...It's kinda funny. Following our visit to DPP, we had some free time and got to walk around the Hsinyi area where Taipei 101 is.

In the afternoon, we went to Daan Park where Frank Hsieh was holding a press conference promoting Taiwan's bid for the 2020 Olympics. They got a bunch of young Taiwanese to rollerblade along with the Premier himself! We all shook hands with the Premier and told him that we were rooting for him. We also got to take a group picture with him while the media was looking on. Hopefully, we won't end up on the news or newspaper again...We're not supposed to endorse anyone...ooops, oh well :P

Tomorrow is our last day of official visits and we're gonna check out Frank Hsieh's campaign rally tomorrow night. It should be exiting. Hope we don't lose anyone amidst all the chaos! Go Chen Chu and Frank Hsieh. Don suan!! Ga-yu!!

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