Saturday, March 22, 2008

3am... tick.. tock.. tick.. tock..

okay, it's 3am & i still can't sleep from the adrenaline high from the rally tonight...
so overwhelmed by the power of free and democratic people. it's hard to imagine that just <15 years ago, we would have all been arrested & thrown in jail for voicing our opinions!!

Instead, today, Taiwan's youths can show their views w/o fear of persecution...

And even better that we get to join them :)

Isn't she a cutie?!?!?!!? China's threats & 1300+ missiles impact her future!!! 台灣加油!!!!!

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a c said...

Thank you all for making this trip. This defeat is only temporary, as it bespeaks only an uninformed and disengaged polity rather than a repudiation of your cause. Indeed, congratulations are in order for the support and leadership you have brought and will continue to bring to the movement for democracy in Taiwan.