Friday, March 21, 2008

catching up

We're not meeting until 9:10am tomorrow, so I'm keeping Tiffany up and typing a little:

Taiwan Foundation for Democracy's Maysing Yang was a great way to start off the tour.  She had been living in the US and came back, leaving her family behind, to help Taiwan's democracy.  She's proud of the participation of women in politics in Taiwan, due in part to the requirement of DPP requires that 1/2 of candidates are women.

We learned that the American Chamber of Commerce believes that most companies that would move to China likely already has.  They think the most important issues are increasing flights, decreasing regulations, and something else I can't remember this moment...

It was interesting to see at the NCCU Election Study Center colored maps of the past elections.  Exit polls don't seem very predictive, so they don't use it much.

Afterward, we hung out at Starbucks, slept on the high speed rail after the bento, went to a 2-block night market, got a My Heart Will Go On sernade on a Love River cruise, heard some jokes I didn't understand cuz of my bad Mandarin skills, and switched hotel rooms.

I remember as a kid being at home not understanding the stuff people were yelling out on the streets.  Now, I've been a part of the yelling, cruising the streets, being looked at by the people in their homes.  It's always touching to see people wave and give support to what they believe in, whatever country or cause.

Deputy Mayor sold me on Kaohsiung.

KRT was impressive.  I could ask questions cuz of my subway experience.  The war section of the glass dome was a little scary, as it was meant to be.

We bonded on the bus on the way to Tainan.

I didn't quite realize we would be talking to undergrads at NCKU...they were earnest and I got to practice my Mandarin...

The Taichung teacher conference hotel had a switch for the light, but I didn't realize that.  

off to bed...

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