Thursday, March 13, 2008


Hey guys, I just thought for my entry I would introduce myself and blab a little about pre-election jitters.

I'm a sophomore at Duke majoring in Economics. This semester, I'm studying "abroad" in Los Angeles with a program offered by Duke. Basically it's for students who are interested in the entertainment industry and we get to take classes at USC and do an internship of our choice. I currently work at The Film Department, which is an independent film financing, production, and international sales company based in West Hollywood. We're fairly new--just got started in June 2007, but I love working there. (If anyone ever needs recommendations on where to eat in LA, I'd be more than happy to give you some suggestions on the best places to eat)

Anyway, I'm admitting to be kind of cranky, groggy, and just overall really tired because this past week was our midterm week, which for me meant I had to study for an exam worth 40% of our grade and write a 20 page research paper. It was not fun. I haven't slept for three days. I thought I'd be able to relax tonight, since I fly to Taiwan tomorrow, but I have so much packing to do and just a bunch of miscellaneous hoo-ha that is preventing me from ever getting my eyes closed. I swear I'm just going to get on the plane and pass out for 15 hours. There goes my plan for doing work on the plane...

But in the midst of my hectic life I have found a little bit of time to watch the news and keep up with some of the events in Taiwan. I watch a lot of those talk shows and I watched the second debate between Hsieh and Ma. I'm really worried that Ma is going to win. He says the most ridiculous things and his face is written all over with "Once I sell Taiwan to China I'm flying first class to the US." Needless to say, I have no respect for him whatsoever and it boggles my mind when I hear people proclaim their love for him. Barf.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Taiwan though! I'm so excited to be able to drink legally!! :)


John said...

I had such a mind-boggling, barfing experience at dinner last night. I spent most of the time debating with my friend who has turned from green to blue (a chameleon?).

As a true patriot, maybe you'd like Taiwan Beer. There is the "Taiwan Beer 346 Warehouse Restaurant" not too far from our hotel.

Today, I visited my local DPP/Frank Hsieh office here in the Sanmin District of Kaohsiung City. I chatted a little, and they gave me a couple campaign flags.

I also visited an exhibit at the National Science and Technology Museum. It is titled, "Press Through Turbulent Times: Exhibition 20 Years After Lifting of Newspaper Publishing Restriction." I wish young people could attend such exhibitions to learn more about the Dangwai era.

I want to buy an original copy of "Meilidao" ("Formosa") magazine (1979). This is the one connected with the Kaohsiung Incident. Anybody let me know if you know where to get one of the four issues.

Iris said...

Tiffany, you are hilarious!
Cheer up! You are gonna have tons of fun in Taiwan (but be warned, our schedule is very packed....)