Monday, March 31, 2008

Afterthoughts (Part One)

Hey everyone,

Sorry it's taken so long for me to write -- truth is, after the trip I did a lot of thinking and wanted to compile my thoughts before I put anything in writing.

As most of you know, I went on the trip pretty much to absorb everything thrown at was interesting soaking everything in, and trying to digest it all has taken me a week. I wrote one of my final papers my senior year at GWU on Taiwan's Presidential election, so to participate in the events and watch everything unravel in person was quite the treat for me. I walked away not only with an amazing experience, but with a deep appreciation for everything Taiwan is and has --
its democracy, people, food, sights, sounds, and wonders all bundled into one big form of LOVE. It's amore, I guess.

I would have to say I was probably the most ignorant to Taiwan's history out of everyone even if I had toured Taiwan in 2006...and served as a Student Ambassador to Taiwan in 2001. It's quite embarrassing for me to admit especially since I had an academic focus on Taiwan. My parents never really talked about their homeland, and I'll admit I never really asked that they talk about Taiwan.

Anyhow, the trip was fabulous. Iris Ho, Iris Shaw, Julia, Allen, Enoch...THANK YOU GUYS.

Now as for the trip in pictures (PART ONE) --

Our first stop was the gorgeous Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
building. Maysing Yang, the Vice President of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy and Vice Minister of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commission spoke to us candidly...and provided each of us with a bag full of interesting books as well as a delicious bento lunch box! We also got to hang out with TFD's staff (who all knew Kharis quite well since he was a fellow there) and enjoy free coffee and tea.
The first picture is of Iris & Maysing Yang. The second is of the group with Ms. Yang & TFD staff.

Okay, more's getting late and I still haven't adjusted back to PST!

...just for fun...

PS. I have over 1000 photos to share with you
all, but until Mike holds up to his end of the deal (he knows what the deal is), I won't divulge the link [HINT: you should all pressure Mike].

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