Saturday, March 15, 2008


I keep saying that I'm excited cuz well, I am!

All packed, including the overnight bag. I'm trusting that the hotels have irons.

When I explain the trip to people, they don't seem as excited as I am. Am I the only one that's this excited?

Through getting involved with FAPA and learning Taiwan's history, I realized how little I knew when I was in Taiwan when I was a kid. Obviously --how much do kids know about politics! Even as adults, people in DC may be odd for knowing so much about politics and government. Anyways, I more clearly see why my parents immigrated. I also understand better how much the oppressed culture is ingrained in me. This trip is perfect for me since I get to learn about Taiwan and talk with people -- and can pretty much understand only English.

I wonder how the DPP and the will of the people will proceed after the election...I feel like we're flying/swooping in and looking in the fish bowl with a magnifying glass, versus the people actually living in Taiwan who may not have the substantive conversations we will be having, but who may not need to cuz they're living the lives that we'll be talking about.

Oh, did I mention that I'm excited?

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