Saturday, March 8, 2008


Since I know nothing, I starting looking up some links to the places on our itinerary (besides the links on the right)
American Chamber of Commerce Topics magazine
Election Study Center (links to the university)
Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation
Kaohsiung City
National Cheng Kung University
National Chung Hsing University VP Huang
Government Information Office
Government's page on participation in APEC
American Institute in Taiwan
Formosa TV English News Edition
Central Election Commission
and just for fun: KTV


John said...

Greeting from Kaohsiung! I arrived here Sunday night. I saw that the Kaohsiung RTC has been added to our agenda. I spent yesterday on the new MRT during its second day of operation; it is already very popular. Out and about, the support here for Frank Hsieh far outnumbers for Ma Ying-jeou; I haven't seen anyone with the latter's hat/flag. I caught some of the VP debate last night. I'm going to visit a nearby DPP office soon. Oh, and I have to finish studying and readying questions for our tour's meetings. See you soon.

cindy said...

nice!! thanks for the on the ground report, John :) just reading it is getting me more eager about our trip!! wonder what it feels like up in TPE...

John said...

I spent some time to print more from the list of links. So, when I woke at 3:30 a.m., I had something to work on until daylight.
At the Kaohsiung main train station, there is a Taiwan Railway Administration gift shop. I bought two notebooks, "228" and "American Pie". They include reproductions of historical documents related to 228 and post-WWII American support. (No, there is no apple pies). Also, I go a Taiwan Republic postcard. For your shopping pleasure, these items are probably also available at the larger TRA gift shop in Taipei main station.
I went to Frank Hsieh's Kaohsiung campaign headquarters yesterday. There is a huge, red "UN" in front of the building and friendly volunteers inside. I also bought some Frank gear. Will I have to buy another suitcase to carry home all my loot?

Eva said...

thanks, john, for the update! i'm getting excited like cindy! i think all of us will return to the US with suitcases laden with campaign paraphernalia :)

Anonymous said...

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