Friday, March 28, 2008

2 + 1

Looking back on our tour, there are two most memorable moments and one afterthought:

1. Kaohsiung: Okay, since I spend most of my time in Taiwan in Kaohsiung City, I have become biased in its favor. But, I think everyone enjoyed it immensely, as well, if only for a day. Wasn't Tuesday morning and afternoon the most fun part of the trip? I think we all felt the warmth of its citizens over and over, from those welcoming our arrivals with fireworks to the truck driver who shared betel nuts with us (okay, me), to the friendliest restauranteur, to the most amazing tour guide... So, it is no wonder that Abian wants to move to Kaohsiung! Don't you?

2. Freddy Lim: The founder and lead singer of ChthoniC ( has a very successful career, which also includes being a club owner and music festival promoter. Nonetheless, he took up the challenge to lead the "Reverse Taiwan" headquarters and activities. When we met with him on Wednesday, we could all see the fatigue of his body but not his spirit. He is a shining example of the power of youth; one report put the youth vote at 56% for Frank Hsieh. Also at the headquarters was his wife and bass guitar player, Doris Yeh, just as involved and fatigued. So, aren't these two good role models for us to follow?

*. Personally, my scariest nightmare is having my own country, the USA, become so coddling to China that it foresakes Taiwan. In the future, if the USA's support ebbs, leaving the Taiwanese little choice but to unify with communist China, then I couldn't imagine walking the streets of Taiwan without hiding my face in shame. Unfortunately, President George W. Bush chastised Abian in front of Chinese leaders, and Secretary of State Condolleza Rice called Taiwan's referendum "provocative". Meanwhile, there is an undefined status quo for Taiwan to adhere to. This leaves little room for exploration of just what Taiwanese want for their final status. The USA should never believe that independence is not an option. Fortunately, Congress, in passing the Taiwan Relations Act, has assumed some oversight role with respect to US-Taiwan relations. So, this is where FAPA comes in, fostering a Taiwan-friendly Congress. This is where you and I come in!

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